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Zoe Stokes Channels the Mainzer Cats

From her home in Cornwall, Zoe Stokes paints cats in the grand tradition of Wain and the Mainzer (Heglund) cats. She doesn't clothe them, but in the world of Stokes, cats rule, dogs drool, and shenanigans abound.

This one (titled "The Alarm Clock"), features the view from the pawspective of a slumbering owner, also features a dog:

She even imbues sweet countryside scenes with feline energy. I sense some bunnykicking about to transpire!

She's a particular fan of Siamese cats:

And no, I have no idea what the deal is with the snail being positioned to view herself in the shiny iron base:

Although it's hard to find her work for sale, you can get a used version of her book, Zoe's Cat, cheap on Amazon [affiliate link]:

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