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Two Cats, Three Cats; Marc Kept the Naming Simple

Franz Marc's painting titles display a lot less creativity than their namesake paintings. Reminds me of the way my grandmother named her cats: Whitie, Blackie, Kitty.

The White Cat, 1912, Franz Marc

Cat Basket, 1910, Franz Marc

As time went on, he was influenced by cubists:

Three Cats by Franz Marc, 1912-14

As time went on, he slipped into his expressionist phase, influenced by the cubists.

Two Cats by Franz Marc 1912-14

And a 4th grade art class was tasked with producing paintings in the same style. I find myself drawn to these,..created at an age before expectations constrict one's ability to paint from the soul. These are expressive masterpieces!

I've been working on loosening up my style; I'm often too rigid. I need to take a lesson from these 4th graders.

Thank you, Franz Marc and 4th graders for the inspiration!

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