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Sing Sing Sing with Banzai

A few years ago I exhibited a piece at a gallery in Phoenix. The show was all about cats and guitars. Yes, you read that right: cats and guitars.

My contribution (Sing Sing Sing) featured my cross-eyed flamepoint, Banzai, who has the loudest voice of any cat on the planet, and practices the song of his people constantly. It's a collage and an interactive piece as well, In the lower left corner is a tiny Cheshire Cat box inviting the viewer to open:

Once inside, the viewer is asked to sing:

The background consists of pages from the musical instruments section of a 50s-era Monkey Wards catalog. Both cat and guitar pop out unexpectedly from the background. It's 12"X12" on a maple substrate.

It’s a playful, 3D piece that invites multiple views to discover the details. It sold and is in an art afficionado’s collection, which is disappointing to me because although I sold it at a significant price, I’d prefer to have kept it myself — I rarely depict my own cats, and had fallen in love with it when it was complete.

And I do love old Monkey Wards catalogues.

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