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Is Your Fave Breed the Housecat?

I've finished the CFA Pawpular Breeds (for 2019) infographic.

The last of the six cat images on the graphic is the humble housecat. Here's some of the detail:

I make my own brushes for digital illustrations and make full use of brush settings (jitter, spacing, etc.). I nearly have a breakdown every time Microsoft runs an update and I have to reinstall my brushes.

I'm a foodie, and am very particular about my knives (just ask the numpty who I caught putting my Global chef's knife in the dishwasher), Knives, brushes...they're all the same. Essential tools are tools, whether they sit on your kitchen counter or are buried deep within your Adobe roaming data folders. I can't live without 'em.

Of the six portraits for this infographic, the housecat is my fave.


The completed infographic is available for download here. Of the six cats, which is your fave?

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