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I'm Lucky to Own 2 Susan Faye Carr Originals

In my Catster days, I interviewed Susan Faye (now Susan Faye Carr), still one of my favorite cat watercolor artists. She painted a custom work of me and Skeezix celebrating his fifth birthday. She nailed it.

Later, my dear friends and fellow feline fanatics, Rick and Cyndi, commissioned a family portrait featuring me, hubby, and our four cats: Skeezix, Mao, Rocky and Tripper. She nailed it again.

The second of these has a chokehold on my heart. All four of the cats are now romping around The Bridge, and the portrait has great sentimental value. No matter which artist you choose, I highly recommend having a family portrait done.

If you're a cat artist, you'll have quite a few "HELL YES!" moments as you leaf through her portfolio.

Susan shares a passion for plants with me. Her whimsical botanicals lift the spirits...

...and sometimes she throws in a cat or two:

She creates glass jewelry:

...including fused glass

You'll find Susan on her, and you can buy stuff from her Esty Shop.

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