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Felix and Maggie

Maggie the Maritime Calico

MAGGIE is the lovely calico in this portrait. Both her and Felix's 6" x 6" portraits are done in acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas. Both incorporate Annapolis landmarks.

Felix and Maggie ran The Museum of Maritime Pets. Felix had been on a downward trajectory for several months so it was no surprise when he left for The Bridge. What could not have been anticipated was that Maggie would follow him within a fortnight, probably the victim of a stroke. My heart bled for their mom.

Like all of my canvas paintings, they are painted on all five sides. You'll notice a lot of "straight-line" detail work, a challenge when paint is the medium. But recently I discovered acrylic paint pens which are a godsend. They provide precision I really couldn't have achieved otherwise.

As a bonus, I had to do a lot of research to find Annapolis landmarks on the water. Doing so inspried a yearning to visit...another entry on my bucket list.

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