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Ever Fall in Love with One of Your Own?

Shabby's dad was the very first friend that Skeezix and I made on the innerwebs. Months after Skeezix started his blog, we got an email, and our long friendship began, I had posted a photo of Skeezix wearing a Cal sweater (which I'd gotten to impress my MIL, a rabid Cal fan), bemoaning that I was a Cardinal in a home full of Bears. Shabby's dad, a fellow Cardinal, commiserated with me.

Of all the mosaics I've created, this is my fave. It has always been a challenge for me to render 3/4-view images, but I got it right on this one. I also started using different grout for various parts of the image rather than a single color.

I do few mosaics. The process of creating one is zen-like, but I really slice the crap out of my fingers* during each project and shards of cut glass end up everywhere, as bad as pine needles after Christmas that you continue to discover in August. Because of this bloodshed, I always imagined that years from now, art historians would be able to prove a mosaic was created by me via DNA analysis. I leave plenty of mine in every piece.

Seventeen years and multiple cats later, I'm still good friends with Shabby's 'rents, although I have never met them IRL. That's a bucket list item!


* Impossible for me to work with gloves since there is a lot of detail work that requires precise placement. And it's not as bad as some of the attacks I've endured from hot glue guns and xacto knives.

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