Karen Nichols is an award-winning artist, writer, and maker who recently left

the San Francisco Bay Area for a seaside home in Ocean Shores, Washington. Her artistic work includes cat-themed illustration, mixed media and collage, paintings, photography, and mosaics. She’s also an award-winning videographer, producing animated videos and stop-motion animation shorts.


She achieved viral celebrity with her tales of Skeezix the Cat, and was the first writer hired by Catster (Cat Fancy Magazine). As a spokesperson for Purina Pet Care she has promoted many of their brands, including Tidy Cat, Purina Cat Chow, and Friskies. She is the founder and publisher of Mousebreath Magazine which just celebrated its 10th anniversary.


Most notably, she founded Cat Scouts (catscouts.com), a vibrant social network of adventure-loving cats. She looks forward to her latest book, The Cat Scout Handbook, being published shortly. Karen is represented by the Rita Rosenkranz Literary Agency in New York City.

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Peek Inside the Portfolio

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Flip - Mosaic Memorial
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Little Lucy
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The Cat Scouts Squeezebox Trio
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This is the Shenanigans Cat
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Perfectly Parker
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It's a New Morning at Cat Scouts!
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Max (Psycho Kitty)
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Cat Scouts Pack for Camp
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